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A Word from the Chief of Staff

She stares into the universe and handpicks the opportunities that appear before her.  Raelyn Guerrero / April 18, 2019  The Beginning I am sitting in an extraordinary room that appears small on the first encounter, but when entering the doors is an endless sphere creativity and art. Through the last couple weeks I decided to take an opportunity that has been in my life for many years. It started when I stepped into my role as Galilea, a character that I had to learn inside and out to fully understand her. I knew she had a big job to and that there was a huge obstacle she needed to go through. I got the sense that my character had no choice. It was not something she volunteered for, and it was not some big group she joined. This was simply survival. I remember trying my best to be her. I found the orb of energy, felt it bolt through my fingertips, out of my soul, and into the universe. The Now Now I am back in that same mindset. I am learning more about Royal, a unique

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